How to make sure you get a great interview every time

Where the heck do we put the key in this thing?

I’ve been an indie podcaster for just under a year now. I started my podcast, One Knight in Product, as an experiment to see if I would be any good at it, to play with content ideas, and of course to build my profile and network. So far, it’s exceeded all expectations.

I have no plans to monetise my content ever, but that doesn’t mean everything has to be a shambles. I’m 70 episodes in and counting — you don’t get to do that without a plan! As a product manager I don’t like timelines and checklists, but as a…

Part two of the Enterprise B2B Product Management series

This is part 2 of my Enterprise B2B series — if you missed part one about the sales cycle, read it here. All of these points are summarised in my recent talk the difference between B2C product management and enterprise B2B product management.

Shouting loudest is a valid prioritisation strategy, right?

It is not unheard of for there to be a somewhat antagonistic relationship between sales teams and product teams. Product teams will accuse the sales team of doing anything they can to make a deal, consequences be damned. Sales teams will blame the product team for every lost sale because of some missing functionality or unclear value…

Part one of the Enterprise B2B Product Management series

One day, all of this will be ours

I recently did a talk discussing the difference between B2C product management and enterprise B2B product management. There were a number of reasons I felt this was an interesting topic to write about but one of the main ones was that it felt ill-served by some of the product management articles out there, and some of the classic advice doesn’t seem to hold true in the more… let’s say “complicated” world of Enterprise B2B SaaS. …

Time to hang up when you hear “Product can’t talk to customers”

Hello? HELLOOO??

There is a game that has many names. In the UK it’s traditionally called “Chinese Whispers”, although I’m trying to work out if that’s racist or not, so let’s go with the American name … “The Telephone Game”.

We’re all aware of this game, but it basically involves whispering a message from one end of a line of people to the other. So Susie at one end of the line says something like “the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog”, but by the time it gets to Lisa at the other end it’s the “the little brown box…

Tips and tricks from a hobbyist learning on the job

Neck bones optional

I hate my voice. We all hate our voices, but I really hate my voice. I remember many years ago doing a Spanish degree via the Open University. Learning a language by distance learning is obviously tricky, given the strong benefits of face-to-face communication and immersion, but we used the technology as best we could. Oral assignments were recorded and sent in to be graded, which meant I had to hear myself talking a lot. I did not enjoy one single minute.

Which is why it feels weird, even to me, that I recently started a podcast focusing on Product…

Thinking about using a blockchain in your product?

This is a (nearly) verbatim transcript of my podcast episode

That white nail is going to annoy me for the rest of this article


Hello, and welcome to the show. I’m your host, Jason Knight, and every week I’ll be speaking to some of the brightest and best minds I can find in tech and product; digging into their stories, finding out what it is they do and hoping that they can share some of their wisdom and advice with me and with the rest of us.

In tonight’s episode, Only Fools & Blockchain, we ask the important questions about blockchain and related technologies. What is Bitcoin? What is a blockchain? Are smart…

That which doesn’t kill you should make you stronger

“We’ll fix it in post”

I’ve made many mistakes in my time, but one always sticks in my mind. In a former life, I was charged with setting up an email campaign for a big client; we’d basically been given a database of all their customers and were going to send them a lovely email inviting them to give feedback. So far, so good, this is something Market Research firms do all the time for the clients. Let’s get it out and tick it off the list.

Reviewing the database we’d been sent, I noticed immediately that it was kind of mucky — the data…

A manifesto for more meaningful meetings

There are some weeks where I feel that I could comfortably rewatch the Sopranos box set during the time I spend in meetings. And it’s not just me, you don’t have to go far to see articles and thought pieces about how meetings are throttling the workplace like a tangleweed. If anything, the Covid situation and subsequent lockdown have made it worse; now every quick water cooler chat is a meeting request.

I’m sure I’ve seen that arrow somewhere else before

I remember once accidentally sharing my calendar on screen during stand up, and one of our Engineers making an observation along the lines of how he’d kill himself…

Set up for success by building diverse teams

I’m an armchair football supporter. I’ve followed Liverpool FC since my University days in that fine city and supporting the team is my last tenuous link to the place. One song that used to ring out on the Kop was “we all dream of a team of Jamie Carraghers”. For those not in the know, Jamie Carragher is a TV presenter these days, but in his prime was a fine defender for the club. Passionate, committed with a never-say-die attitude, he was someone you’d walk into battle with. You’d be be mad not to want a team of Jamie Carraghers.

My second worst nightmare after explaining Product at a barbecue is kicking a ball back to kids in the park

Speak to your users’ needs, not how you’ve solved them

Poop poop!

As learning to drive goes, I was late to the party. In the UK you’re allowed to drive from 17, and in fact I did start; my dad would take me to the local industrial estate and let me drive back and forward on quiet roads and stall the car regularly. At one point, the car just stopped working and we had to get towed home (I blame the car). I then moved to London, where there’s nowhere to park, and in some parts I’ve lived the car would get stolen anyway. …

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