So you’ve been invited onto a podcast

Whether you’re an old hand or a total newbie, increase the odds that it goes wonderfully

Jason Knight


Is this thing on!?

So you’ve been invited to be interviewed on a podcast? Hurray! Podcasts are a great way to get your message out there. Whether you’re an old hand or a total newbie, there are things you can do to increase the odds that it goes wonderfully well.

First off, we have to call out that audio quality isn’t as important as many people think. I’ve heard fabulous podcasts with great guests that sound like they were recorded with two paper cups. But if you want to sound your best, consider some of the following hints & tips.


Make sure you wear headphones! This prevents audio bounce back and removes the need for “echo cancellation” to be turned on during the recording (that’s the thing that makes your Zoom calls sound terrible when multiple people are speaking).

Anything will do! Bluetooth, wired, in ear, whatever. Wear headphones or earphones.


If you’re wearing headphones, you’re halfway there. Many laptop mics are OK enough, but a headset would be better. You can buy a cheap (£/$30) USB condenser mic if you’re going to be doing a few of these things. If you’re going to be many you can get a higher quality mic like a Blue Yeti or Rode NT-USB.

AVOID BLUETOOTH MICS at all costs! They are universally bad. The audio quality will be choppy and they’ll cut out from time to time. I’ve never, ever had a good recording experience with a Bluetooth mic (and once had to ask someone to re-record the entire interview).

The room

Obviously not everyone has a fully treated, echo free room.

That’s OK! My top tip is to speak pretty close to the mic and keep the recording volume low. This will bring out the richness in your voice and reduce echoes in most rooms.

In any case, you should consider investing in a pop shield (this is one of those bits of mesh that prevents your Ps sounding ex-P-losive on the recording).

Interview Preparation



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